Starting Off

Welcome to my blog. I will be using this space to share information on various issues that come up in counseling, elements of yoga practice and philosophy, updates on workshops and groups that I offer periodically, and resources that are applicable to my clients.

For those of you considering starting therapy or yoga with me, I wish to offer you a way to learn more about what it is like to work with me before the first appointment. Working with someone on a process of awareness and change is a personal decision, and a good fit is important.  By learning more about my perspectives, I hope that you will have more information to make that decision.

For current clients, I hope the concepts in the blog can supplement our sessions, be a place I can point to articles on a specific resource, and provide information that you may share with others. If you have suggestions for blog topics, please let me know.

To protect confidentiality, I have turned off the comments feature on this blog and invite my clients to talk to me about their thoughts in session.