Thank you for your interest in my practice!


As a counselor, I believe in walking with my clients through change, whether that means learning more about who they are and how they operate or making big-picture shifts in how they connect with the world. A cornerstone of my approach is working with the body's sensation-level responses that are designed to keep us safe. To this end, I draw from mind­–body approaches and use EMDR and Somatic Experiencing to help clients achieve better regulation and balance in their lives.

I bring over 10 years of experience in working with clients on concerns related to anxiety, depression, life transitions, and trauma. I am an LGBTQ ally and work with same-sex couples.

I am a Registered Yoga Teacher and am eager to share the guidance and gifts of yoga with my clients, whether during talk therapy, in one-on-one yoga instruction, or by incorporating yoga practice into therapy sessions. While my yoga training informs my therapeutic approach, this does not mean that you have to do yoga when you come to see me–that will be your choice to make as we work together to develop your goals.

Please explore this site for more information on my specialties, such as trauma, anxiety, and blending yoga with therapy; my blog; and logistics including services, rates, and availability. And feel free to pick up the phone and contact me today about us working together.

The photos in this gallery are of my office and studio spaces, both of which are located at 1310 South 1st Street, Suite 200.